Americans on Twitter (and Louise Mensch) have a message for Isis

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As America launched air strikes against Islamic State (also known as Isis) militants in Iraq last night, its supporters and enemies engaged in a far smaller scale conflict - on social media.

Several pro-Isis messages, featuring content ranging from pictures of American flags on fire and the coffins of American troops through to gruesome images of beheadings, were left under the hashtag #amessagefromISIStoUS. You could also find ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch there, attempting to "reach out" to Jihadists.

ISIS louise mensch

Even in Arabic. ISIS louise mensch According to google translate, this means "bin Laden hid behind the skirts of women, just like #isis can attack women only. United States comes to hunt you down."

On the opposing hashtag, #amessagefromUStoISIS things got pretty gung-ho.




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*Note: we are not linking to hashtags or tweets because they contain graphic content.

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