Here's what happens when you try to crush a Nokia 3310 with a hydraulic press

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Picture: Hydraulic Press Channel/YouTube

Do you like watching things being crushed? Excellent, we've found your new favourite YouTube channel.

We all know how the Nokia 3310 has gained a legendary reputation for indestructibility.

A quick bit of research...

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...and you get...

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...the general picture

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Now, one exceptional YouTube channel has taken it upon themselves to test whether the legends are true

By using an hydraulic press.

Remember, this is the machine that put paid to the T-800 terminator...

Finland emoji you know it means business.

Let's see how the Nokia fares

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We were lied to by the internet.

Watch the full video, below:

The channel produces a great selection of crushing videos, such as folding paper seven times...

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...a camera...

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...a clay man...

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...a barbie doll...

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...and even a golf ball...

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...among many others. That's why the Hydraulic Press Channel is your new favourite channel.

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