The 9 best worst things you can buy from the Ukip gift shop

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New figures released by Ukip show the party made over £80,000 in proceeds from their online gift shop.

But avoiding the glaringly obvious question (WHY?!) here are the nine best worst things you can buy from the Ukip gift shop should you be so inclined.

1. A Ukip umbrella

UKIP gift shop

A bargain at just £25, especially if those pesky gays come out in force again.

2. A Ukip post peg

UKIP gift shop

As they describe it: "A simple but effective device for delivering leaflets and cards through letterboxes without risking fingers!" Surely this is health and safety gone mad?

3. A Ukip 'Changing the Face of Politics' book

UKIP gift shop

In this case you probably can judge a book by its cover.

4. A Ukip calendar


Sadly contains no saucy pics of Nige and pals.

5. A box of x1000 Ukip flyers

UKIP gift shop

That's 500 for each of your Ukip supporting friends.

6. A high-vis Ukip vest

UKIP gift shop

To warn everyone else you're coming.

7. A selection of polyester Ukip ties

UKIP gift shop

Because nothing says style like 1970s wallpaper patterns.

8. A Ukip chiffon scarf - for ladies

UKIP gift shop

What woman wouldn't want one?

9. A Ukip car flag

UKIP gift shop

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