These are the countries closest to gender equality

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Women now earn what men did a decade ago, according the most recent Global Gender Gap Report 2015.

The report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), which looked at 145 countries, found that the economic gap between the genders will take 118 years to close at the current rate of progress.

In some other measures of inequality the gap between genders has widened since 2006, such as literacy rates and educational attainment in nearly a quarter of the countries surveyed.

The UK was 18th overall in terms of gender equality, with a score of 0.758, while Iceland took the top spot with a score of 0.881.

Global Gender Gap

The result saw a slight upturn from last year's ranking of 26, after several years of continued decline.

Global Gender Gap

Particularly poor was the UK’s ratio of women in ministerial positions compared to men, 0.29, placing the country 50th on the index.

Here's how the UK performed in some of the other assessed criteria:

Top jobs:

Global Gender Gap

Higher education:

Global Gender Gap

Labour force participation:

Global Gender Gap

Healthy life expectancy:

Global Gender Gap

Political gender ratio:

Global Gender Gap

To browse the report scores in full, see the map below, or visit the WEF website:

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